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In 2019 Sarah & Gary, founders of the charity experienced what no parent should ever have to face, that was the death of their first born daughter 'Wynter' just 23 minutes after she was born.

Following Wynter's death, their was an overwhelming desire to help others who faced similar pain and heartache. This led to raising funds with generous support of friends and family, which allowed us to fund two 'cold cots*', one gifted to Nottingham City Campus and the other to Chesterfield Royal Hospitals. 

*A cold cot is a refrigerated cot that allows parents to spend more time with their deceased baby than would otherwise be possible.

In February 2020 Wynter's Wish (Babyloss & Bereavement Support Charity) was registered with the charity commission for England and Wales. registered No.1187998.

Wynter's Wish is now a bereavement charity for those affected by baby, child and pregnancy loss of any kind.